To Be a Great Leader You Must First Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

Amanda Parker
3 min readFeb 23, 2021


In November 2020 I launched my signature leadership program, Alchemy. I had a group of talented and diverse leaders coming from all different walks of life. Each individual brought with them a hunger to be a better leader and to learn how to go deep within to find the confidence they need within themselves to take their business and teams to the next level.

In my mind, Alchemy was created for leaders working in organizations who wanted to bring more heart-centeredness to their organization (and lead by example). What surprised me, however, was that The Alchemy Formula for being more heart-centered extends beyond the typical corporate setting.

Half of the participants were full-time employed, while the other half were entrepreneurs. Who am I to say that the transformation I facilitate is limited to those leading teams or in big organizations?

Truth be told, in my own entrepreneurial journey, this work has been instrumental in helping me to feel grounded and confident in my abilities as a leader, business owner, and coach.

Alchemy was created with a foundation in the transformative practices that I have learned over many years — including deep reflective, meditative, and visualizing practices that I learned in Co-Active Coach training, Rapid Transformation Therapy, meditation, and some of the deep practices I’ve gained from following the work of, e.g. Gabrielle Bernstein, Michael A. Singer (among others).

I also pulled in elements from my Reiki training, allowing participants to feel the energy flowing throughout their entire mental, physical, and emotional bodies. And, of course, I pull from my years of experience working with leaders at, e.g. WWF, Zalando, Groupe Chantelle, Remy Cointreau, UNICEF, Zalando, etc.

Alchemy is not a traditional leadership development program in that we do not focus on specific skills training, but rather the personal transformation of the individual so that you are able to lead your business from a place of feeling deeply centered and self-aware. While I do believe that upskilling is important in being able to tackle new challenges, my goal (and gift) is helping leaders and entrepreneurs connect more deeply within so that they search for the answers they need from their own wealth of inner wisdom, before focusing on their attention outward.

Leaders and entrepreneurs who have gone through Alchemy have said;

“Alchemy is a progressive journey across self-development concepts and tools. Every week we dug into a topic like (Big-) Goal Setting, Self Care or Resilience and connected it all with our immediate situations and surroundings… I finished more mature as a person, eager to revisit and reapply the content and curious to see what else could be on the horizon…” — Ines

“Having been open to working on my leadership skills this was a great opportunity to do it in a structured, emotionally open and intellectually honest way. Amanda’s depth of knowledge in the field makes it easier to trust her and accept her as a guide in this journey. She isn’t afraid of asking the tough and challenging questions, leading one to great discoveries about individual blind spots and things to work on.” — Kirill

If you know a leader or entrepreneur who is ready to do the personal transformation required to create a heart-centered business, applications for Alchemy are now open.

We kick off March 15th!

Amanda Parker is the Founder of The Courage Factory and a catalyst for human transformation through her coaching and leadership work with leaders & entrepreneurs.

Whenever you’re ready, I can help you activate your courage to truly transform the way you lead your business and life.

  1. Join Alchemy this March and access your inner wisdom and transform how you lead your business and life. I promise to challenge and provoke your thinking. And you’ll be surrounded with a really smart community of extraordinary leaders and entrepreneurs.
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Amanda Parker

Amanda is the creator of the Alchemy Transformational Leadership Program. She lives in Berlin and loves all things cats.