Morning Rituals & How to Stay Grounded in Times of Change

Morning cup of Joe
  1. Morning Pages — Every day I sit down and I write 3 pages in my journal. The content of those pages depends on the day, my mood, and any other factors of my life of late. I may feel the need to dive deep into something that happened, or I may just want to hype myself up because, honestly, I AM GREAT! Some days I just take the time to brainstorm new ideas, or just give myself a totally random question or idea to reflect on and let the ideas flow. Whatever is written on those pages isn’t so important, but the impact of writing every day, expressing myself and my views, and unleashing my creativity sparks my imagination. It also helps me to offload some ideas that may be stuck floating in my mind, so I can concentrate more on what’s to come for the day.
  2. Morning Coffee (or Tea / Kombucha / What-have-you) — The morning drink ritual. I usually prefer this to be coffee or tea, though I’ve recently taken to drinking either Kombucha or Apple Cider Vinegar each morning (feel free to check out some of the health benefits of ACV for your own routine.) The point is not the actual beverage itself, but the time I take to sit with it in the morning. I carve out those 5–10 minutes of each day to just sit and be. To be present in that moment. To admire the sun or observe the wind rustling in the trees outside. This gives me the chance to pause and become present before I begin my day.

Amanda is the creator of the Alchemy Transformational Leadership Program. She lives in Berlin and loves all things cats.

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