How to Choose the Best Coach for You

These 8 steps will help you find the best coach to help you achieve your goals.

1. Know what you want to be coached on.

2. Decide what credentials matter most to you.

3. Understand how you want to be coached.

4. Do some research.

5. Ask your friends.

6. Decide if he or she can help you achieve your professional goals.

7. Get to know the coach & check if there’s good chemistry.

Even the best coach won’t be able to help you if you aren’t clear on what it is you want to get from the coaching. So here’s one more bonus step to take in the process of finding (and finally picking!) your coach.

8. Set clear goals for your coaching.

Amanda is the creator of the Alchemy Transformational Leadership Program. She lives in Berlin and loves all things cats.

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