In November 2020 I launched my signature leadership program, Alchemy. I had a group of talented and diverse leaders coming from all different walks of life. Each individual brought with them a hunger to be a better leader and to learn how to go deep within to find the confidence they need within themselves to take their business and teams to the next level.

In my mind, Alchemy was created for leaders working in organizations who wanted to bring more heart-centeredness to their organization (and lead by example). …

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Imagine the boxes you’ve locked yourself into. The ways in which you define who you are and what you can / cannot do. Think about each border you’ve drawn between who you are and who “they” are, the stories you tell yourself about what’s not possible for you.

We live our lives locked away into different boxes of self-definition. Sometimes our boxes overlap with our big dreams for the future, but more often then not they lie in a far away corner — not even close enough to touch if you stretch out as far as you can possibly reach.

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Whenever I take a step outside my comfort zone, a fear rises within me. A fear that, perhaps, it would be safer to just stay put where I am. Why rock the boat when everything is pretty much fine and there isn’t anything I could really complain about.

This happens to me regardless of whether or not I am in a professional setting or a private setting.

Take, for example, the beautiful apartments I looked at this weekend. …

Alchemy was created from a wealth of personal experience and following the wisdom and expertise of talented humans in the fields of leadership, transformation, and mindfulness.

My own personal journey of transformation began just a few years ago when I realized I was in the wrong job, working on the wrong projects, and felt a deep and unsettling sense of frustration and overwhelm.

I began to search for ways to get out of my rut and find deeper meaning in my work and life.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my own journey to become a coach would…

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One of the biggest challenges I faced in starting my own business was truly understanding who I was as a business. Not just the Amanda Parker part of it, but also The Courage Factory side.

What did I stand for? Who did I work with? What problems did I solve?

I wanted to help people feel more courageous in their lives. That was the ultimate goal. But then I needed to figure out what people…no, EXACTLY what people. …

One of my clients came to me when he was relatively new to his leadership position and wanted to be a more impactful leader. He had his own ideas about what it meant to be a good leader, but didn’t know exactly which skills he’d need to develop in order to become one.

We started our work together more strategically, discussing what it meant to be a good leader, why it was important to him, and what he believed he needed to do in order to improve.

Throughout our coaching, I dug deeper, beneath the surface, to uncover the person…

A few years back I had a big decision to make. I wasn’t happy in my job, I knew I needed a change, but I had no idea what that change should look like or how to go about it. It was a feeling of near desperation. I was becoming a mere shadow of myself. I was recently out of a challenging relationship, unhappy at work, and couldn’t even decide if it was worth staying in Berlin or not.

Knowing that it was hard to just make a change without having a clear idea of what kind of change I…

I’ve been experimenting over the last few months with ending client relationships that simply aren’t working. In the past, I tended to wait things out too long until resentment and bad blood built up — to the point where the goodbye was more of a “Good Riddance!”

The first few years of running a business have also taught me just how valuable each and every client is, including the hard-earned revenue that comes from working with those clients. It’s not so much about “who do I want to serve” as “who is willing to pay me for my work”. …

Here’s what I do to strengthen my support network.

From the time I decided to quit my full time job, sublet my apartment, relocate my cats to New York, and move to Asia to become a professional coach — I had a universe of people behind me supporting my decision — and helping to make the overwhelming and anxiety-provoking transition easier.

My friends, though they were sad to see me leave Berlin, celebrated my decision to leave and encouraged me to be brave. …

Coaching can seem like a buzzword these days and there are so many different types of coaches, it can be hard to know why you should work with a coach, or what kind of coach would be the right fit for you.

So while it is impossible to tell you in such a short space everything you can gain from working with a coach — I will try my best to help you understand just why this relationship may be the most meaningful you’ll ever have in your life — because working with a coach helps you to fall deeply…

Amanda Parker

Amanda is the creator of the Alchemy Transformational Leadership Program. She lives in Berlin and loves all things cats.

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